Our Story

My entrepreneurial journey started 6 years ago when I had a vivid dream about starting a business called the 11th hour … it’s your time! The dream specifically stated that I’ll be importing and exporting clothing. I placed it on the back burner and waited for the right time. 4 years ago I started cycling and running and saw a gap in the market for a specific range of sportswear. I knew the time was right to register the business of my dreams and 11th hour was born!

I am creating  create unique, stylish and high quality sportswear that’s affordable. I specifically focus on unique designs for diva female cyclists to accentuate and flatter curves. A stylish leisurewear range for active sports enthusiasts as well as a sleek modern cycling unisex kit is also part of the range.

You can live out your sporting dream by wearing my conversation starter sportswear range!!

Our Team

Anthea Janse Van Rensburg
Owner and Founder